Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Futtock's Motor Services

Futtock's Motor Services is now open for business in Much-Piddling. Old Futtock runs the garage and his son, Young Futtock is the chauffeur up at Snapcase Hall. Old Futtock is something of a character and can usually be found covered in oil, ferreting about under someone's Austin 7.

"You want it by when?!"


  1. Brilliant. I hope he takes drive ins over bookings. I haven't got time for much piddling about. ;-)

    1. A valued customer, such as yourself will always get top-drawer service from Old Futtock, even though he'll moan about it!

  2. The tiles and posters make a huge difference, looking really good.
    Do you have the Austin 7 yet or am I going to have to provide my own?