Sunday, 21 January 2018

DevLAM '17

Over the course of a November weekend three like-minded LAFers met at Snapcase Hall, Much-Piddling in Devon for a long weekend of gaming, drinking and socialising. A superb time and some really great games. Here are a few teaser photos, links to the full AARs below. In the meantime I would like to thank Doug and John for a really great weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it (apart from my hang-over that morning!). It was my privilege and an absolute pleasure to game with you both.


The Haunted Temple (run by Doug em4, Frostgrave)

The Cattle-Baron's Daughter (run by Mad Lord Snapcase, Shoot 'N Skedaddle, scenario very kindly provided by Elbows)

The Elven Lord's Treasure (run by Doug em4, Frostgrave)

Return of the Mabel Street Gang (run by Vagabond, Two-Hour Wargames)

Momento Mori (run by Mad Lord Snapcase, Pulp Alley)

Doug's empties!

The Protagonists: Doug em4, Mad Lord Snapcase, Vagabond - yee haaar!

After Action Reports

Game 3 - The Elven Lord's Treasure

Game 5 - Memento Mori


  1. Those look and read like some cracking good games. Brilliant stuff

  2. Thanks, Roy. They were great fun, made highly memorable by my gaming friends.

  3. In your flurry of posts I missed this one. Looks like it was fun. ;-)