Monday, 31 December 2018

Pepé Le Pew

Managed to finish villain number two. Pepé Le Pew is on his way to rendezvous with Mad Jack at the cabin. Pepé is so named as he takes minimal trouble with regard to his bathing habits. When the trappers hit Dawson City with gold in their pockets, most take a bath and a shave before hitting the town. But not Pepé, he always heads straight into Diamond Tooth Gertie's place. He wonders why the croupiers and dealers hold their noses when he's playing! Still, as long as he has gold in his pockets he's welcome!

Saturday, 29 December 2018

The Scarlet Patrol

With abject apologies to Frank, I have still not completed my AAR for our DevLAM game. However, I have managed to finish my Mounties. Here they are tracking down Mad Jack McMad, who so far, has managed to elude them in the snowy wilderness of the Yukon. But the Mounties always get their man...

Friday, 21 December 2018

Mad Jack McMad

A villain for the Scarlet Patrol project. This is a Scottish-Canadian trapper called Mad Jack McMad!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The First Tully

A Tully Sworn Shield for A Song of Ice and Fire. Using the same quick painting technique as for the Lannisters, I've finished the first Tully, quite pleased with the effect.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Treasure in the Roof!

Whilst bringing down the Christmas decorations from the loft this morning, I found a box containing German WWII models from the 70s' and 80s'. They've been moving round from house to house for nearly 40 years without being unpacked!

My good friend Doug gave me a 20mm model of Arnhem Bridge recently and some of these will be ideal for a game on it.

Friday, 7 December 2018

A Song of Ice and Fire

I went big into CMON's A Song of Ice and Fire Kickstarter and thought I'd try my first figures today. A couple of Lannister crossbow-men. As there are masses of figures, I decided to speed-paint and wash the rank and file. I will still paint the characters and officers as best I can. So here's my first attempt, pre-wash on the left and the finished article on the right. I'm quite pleased with the overall look for the tabletop standard.

AAR - 'On the Day, Went the Eagle's Landing Well?' - Part 3


Meanwhile, the Kriegsmarine were out for a lovely stroll along the tow path of the Much-Piddling to Market Snodsbury Canal.

The 5th Column, staying in disguise, move cautiously through the woods towards their rendezvous with Prien and his men. Another Pickett-Hamilton has activated to their left. The occupant, Captain Peter Fleming is waiting until they have passed in order to cause more mayhem.

Unwittingly, I had made the link-up between the 5th Column and the Kriegsmarine somewhat easier than that for the Luftwaffe and the Black Shorts. The Luftwaffe had Cold Comfort Farm between them and the Black Shorts. Cold Comfort Farm was occupied by the Women’s Land Army who were, I hoped, to provide a formidable obstacle. The Kriegsmarine route behind the back of Snapcase Hall back-passages was pretty much out of sight all the way.

The Luftwaffe come up behind the sheep.

The Black Shorts advance through Cold Comfort Farm, much to the disgust of ‘Stiffy’ Pinker and the other girls of the Women’s Land Army.

All is quiet outside Futtock’s Motor Services.

Hearing rifle shots, Sergeant Wilson of the Much-Piddling Home Guard snaps out a crisp order to Private Walker, “I say Joe, would you mind awfully stepping over to that wall and having a look to see what the devil’s going on?” Joe reports back, “Blimey, Jerries coming up the main road!”

Zimmermann with his MG-15 takes up[ position behind the tree with a good view of the road and the approaches to Snapcase Hall. This turned out to be a very useful strategic placing for the MG-15 and caused me no end of trouble.

Zimmermann opens up with his machine gun and the fire proves to be very effective against the stout-hearted boys of the Home Guard. Over a few turns the scene around the MPU turns to carnage as the brave defenders are mown down. Private Michi is the only soldier to have survived the onslaught and is seen here giving return fire. For this solitary delaying action, Private Michi has been recommended for the Military Medal. Barliman Butterbur remains glued to the MPU and is cowering in fear behind his cast iron ovens. Leutenant Sabartovski can be seen on the left sneaking behind a wall trying to get a shot at Michi. In the background, members of the 5th Column are using the confusion to approach the Hall.

Kapitänleutnant Günther Prien makes contact with Joanna Grey, Otto Skorzeny and Liam Devlin. The 5th Column hand over the vital intelligence and the Kriegsmarine are now free to attempt to carry out their mission of kidnapping Prince Phillip from Snapcase Hall.

After disposing of Seth Starkadder in a particularly brutal fashion the Luftwaffe make contact with the Black Shorts. Oberleutenant Schimmel hands over the secret code book to Roderick Spode in the pig sty. In return, he receives the startling news that Spode needs the Ancient Charter of Piddling to become Reichsprotektor.  Currently, the charter is in the safe, located on the top floor of Snapcase Hall. Staffelkapitän Stahl now realises that he must penetrate the interior of the Hall to succeed in his mission.

The Ancient Charter of Piddling.

A rough translation of this ancient document runs as follows: Do not make me work. The holder of this document has certain rights. The lord's right is his. This allows the holder to have sexual relations with peasant women on their wedding nights. The holder has the right to rule the fiefdom of Much-Piddling. The holder has the right to drive his cows through Market Snodsbury on a Sunday. At Easter the holder may promenade without his nether garments and wave his private parts at spinsters. The holder may wear a leather apron, roll up his trouser leg and dance the pavane at Muckletide. During the time of the Spurge the holder may wear odd socks and extend his cod piece. In July the holder can demand beer from any dwelling whilst the daughter of the house combs his beard. Given under our hand the above named and many others being witnesses, in the meadow which is called Runnymede, between Windsor and Staines, on the fifteenth day of June, in the seventeenth year of our reign. King John.

To be continued…

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Log Cabin

A 4Ground log cabin ready for the Scarlet Patrol.

AAR - 'On the Day, Went the Eagle's Landing Well?' - Part 2


The players had spotted a mysterious part of the scenery at the start of the game. The rules stated that they could not lift the roofs of buildings without a figure going inside and scenery could not be examined without a figure in base to base contact. At this point the Pickett-Hamilton forts were in the lowered position but I can only find a photo of mine in the raised position.

The Pickett-Hamilton was designed to be lowered into the ground when not in use. Norman Pickett (one of the designers) was a friend of Donald Campbell and gained permission to build the prototype at Campbell’s workshops.

For this game I had placed two Pickett-Hamiltons and invented an underground stay-behind Auxiliary Unit base of which the Pickett-Hamilton was only a part.

There would be an Auxiliary Unit sniper in each pillbox, activated as follows; the AU sniper has a +1 Shooting and a -1 for cover at all times, even when not in cover. If the sniper is in cover the minus for this accumulates. Moves as normal. The sniper will activate after a uniformed German passes within 5” of the Pickett-Hamilton pill box. If not activated after 6 turns, the sniper will activate anyway.

The Auxiliary Units or GHQ Auxiliary Units were specially trained, highly secret units created by the United Kingdom government during the Second World War, with the aim of using irregular warfare to help combat any invasion of the United Kingdom by Nazi Germany, which the Germans codenamed Operation Sealion. With the advantage of having witnessed the rapid fall of several continental nations, the United Kingdom was the only country during the war that was able to create a multi-layered guerrilla and resistance movement in anticipation of an invasion. The Auxiliary Units would fight as uniformed guerrillas during the military campaign. Service in the Auxiliary Units was expected to be highly dangerous, with a projected life expectancy of just 12 days for its members; along with orders to either shoot each other or use explosives to kill themselves if capture by an enemy force seemed likely. The two best known officers from this period were Captain Peter Fleming of the Grenadier Guards and Captain Mike Calvert of the Royal Engineers.

The first sniper to be activated was Private Seth Starkadder from Cold Comfort Farm as the Luftwaffe contingent moved within 5” of the pillbox. Seth stealthily crept from cover and opened fire. By some very lucky dice-throws, Seth managed to kill Flugkapitän Hanna Reitsch and Oberfähnrich Franz Lizst outright.

The Pickett-Hamilton fort can be seen under the tree, top right of the photo. Starkadder is in the ghillie suit, bottom right.

The first two shots of the game and two Luftwaffe down, unfortunately this display of marksmanship was not how the Auxiliary Units continued the fight but more of that later. The Luftwaffe player seemed to take this to heart and there was some gratuitous violence to follow.

To be continued…

Friday, 30 November 2018

AAR - 'On the Day, Went the Eagle's Landing Well?' - Part 1


With the issuing of the aforementioned orders, the game was afoot. In the photo below you can see the start positions. Bottom right is the Luftwaffe who had to link up with the Black Shorts top right behind the house with the red roof (Dame Edith FitzPilchard’s house). The Kriegsmarine situated top left, having disembarked from their narrow boat had to meet up with the 5th Column, pictured here bottom left behind the Old Mill. All figures were free to move as they wished with the proviso that the Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe would be fired upon by the British if sighted as they were in uniform. The Black Shorts and the 5th Column could move with impunity until some form of offensive act was committed, then that group could come under fire. Both Axis players chose to use this advantage and it was some time before the groups revealed themselves.

A view up Piddling Street showing the Square. A Maplins bus waiting forlornly to transport happy campers to Joe Maplin’s latest venture.

The Kriegsmarine boys take a ‘selfie’ with a view of Much-Piddling in the background.

Prince Phillip and entourage have arrived at Snapcase Hall and the Prince is greeted by Captain Lord Snapcase. Lady Bracknell from the Much-Piddling Women’s Institute is about to be introduced. Sir Douglas D’Emfore, MP for Mid-Devon arrives in his Austin 7 driven by his bodyguard, Sergeant V. A. G’Bond.

The Luftwaffe move out from behind the Cricket Pavilion having decided to open the batting. Led here by Steiner.

The 5th Column start to move out from behind the Mill.

The Black Shorts move unhindered past Futtock’s Garage trying to meet up with the Luftwaffe.

Meanwhile, unaware of the impending danger, the sterling chaps of the Much-Piddling Home Guard have been left to their own devices whilst their incompetent leader entertains minor royalty in the Hall. Barliman Butterbur is serving pasties and scrumpy from his Mobile Pasty Unit, hence the NAAFI van is not doing much business with their offering of tea and ‘stickies’. Seen here are ‘Jonesy’, Walker, Godfrey, Wilson and Pike. Private Scrotum (the Snapcase families wrinkled retainer) has his ‘battle-bowler’ on and Private Michi is in the foreground trying to get the radio to work.

There was some manoeuvering to do for the Axis and not much for the Allies at this point. However, there were one or two surprises in store for the players, of which more later.

To be continued…

Thursday, 29 November 2018

The Scarlet Patrol

...and now for something completely different!

Yes, I know I should be writing the AAR for 'On the Day, Went the Eagle's Landing Well?' but for the last 5 months I've been painting WWII and I fancied a real change. I am doing the AAR but painting Mounties for a small skirmish game as well, maybe 5 or 6 a side. This will take place on the snow terrain boards which I have not used yet.

Maintiens le droit

In a World Gone Mad, Three Men Stand Alone!

To enhance the atmosphere of the game I purchased some hats so that each senile old bugger could remember which side he was on!

Photo by Doug em4.

The Embuggerance Factor

The players were briefed at the start about an embuggerance factor which I hoped would cause chaos with vehicle movements later in the game. Using a flock of Tin Shed's lovely sheep I issued the following rules for the flock's movements throughout the game.

· The sheep move first every turn
· They move 5”
· When they meet a junction, throw a direction dice or assign a d6
· When they meet the edge of the board they turn around
· They always stay on the road
· A vehicle cannot drive through them
· A pedestrian can move through the sheep at half walking pace

Photo by Doug em4

The Game is Afoot!

At the start of the game the players were handed sealed envelopes with information particular to them and their initial orders. To set the scene these are now reproduced here:


You need to make contact with Roderick Spode as a matter of the utmost urgency. Spode will direct you as to what he needs to become Reichsprotektor. Schimmel has been given a top-secret code-book to deliver to Spode. You will need to keep Müller with you as he is the only member of your crew able to speak English. Spode is thought to be in Much-Piddling, see attached aerial photograph from reconnaissance mission.


The commander and crew of U-47 must first rendezvous with the 5th Column led by Otto Skorzeny of the SS. The 5th Column will have vital information regarding the interior of Snapcase Hall and timings of the Prince’s visit. The 5th Column are thought to be hiding out in the vicinity of the Old Mill. If sighted by the Englanders you will be fired upon as you are in uniform.


The Black Shorts led by Roderick Spode must first rendezvous with the commander and crew of Immelmann II. The crew are currently located at the Much-Piddling Cricket Club pavilion. Although the code book which the Luftwaffe are delivering is vital, you know that you also need the Ancient Charter of Piddling. To become Reichsprotektor you must have the original document in your possession. Currently, the 10th Earl of Snapcase (Captain Lord Bertram Snapcase) is the legal holder of this medieval document and is entitled to the rights and privileges therein. The charter is held in Snapcase Hall on the top floor in a safe and you must seize it. You and your Black Shorts will assist Stahl in any way he deems fit but you must stress to him the urgency of obtaining the Ancient Charter of Piddling. If sighted by the Englanders you will not be fired upon as you are in disguise although disliked by the general population. Should you commit an offensive act, this will terminate your disguise.

                                                                     Heil Spode!


The 5th Column led by Otto Skorzeny of the SS must first rendezvous with the commander and crew of U-47. The crew are currently located at Much-Piddling on the canal. You have vital information regarding the interior of Snapcase Hall and timings of the Prince’s visit. The Prince has now arrived and is being entertained by the fool Snapcase. The attached plan shows the ground floor. Assist Prien in whatever manner he decides as mission commander. If sighted by the Englanders you will not be fired upon as you are in disguise. Should you commit an offensive act, this will terminate your disguise.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Character Cards

I've just finished the character cards for 'On the Day, Went the Eagle's Landing Well?' They should all have a uniform pale yellow background but the bloody printer ran out of yellow ink at a crucial moment. They'll just have to do as they are.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

The Shadow of War Looms Over Much-Piddling

I have set up the 'On the Day, Went the Eagle's Landing Well?' table this morning. Quite pleased with the way it looks and an improvement on the first set-up back in March this year. Various views of the table here. Yes, I know I haven't finished the pub roof, but I will before Thursday!